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Niels' accomplishments include troubleshooting problematic inefficient working systems, along with leading, planning and executing significant efficiency improvement and reorganizational processes in various departments. He also organized interdepartmental efficiency and cooperational improvements, and played a pivotal role in diverse staff management tasks. During the time that he worked as Interim Manager for companies like Geodis, DHL Healthcare, Post NL and Sandd, Niels discovered the similarities between the staff under his span of control and his kids, realizing each one is different and needs a different approach to reach their full potential. Not just situational leadership like from Hersey & Blanchard, or even a serving leadership style is what works, but with looking at his staff as he would look at his children, he realized that with tools such as DISK and a changed mindset, one can accomplish much more productivity and commitment from the employees than with the conventional leadership styles.

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